Teachers spend their own money every year on classroom supplies. You can help.

Every penny each month helps put supplies in classrooms.

The Average Teacher Spends Over $500 Each Year For Classroom Supplies

It is crazy but it's true.

Teachers every year spend over $500 of their own money on classroom supplies.

If you'd like to see that change, please consider signing up for a monthly pledge to Educators Fund.

Every single penny you are charged each month goes directly to classroom supplies for teachers. No administration costs. No processing charges. No fees.

Sign up for a monthly pledge and every penny will help put supplies in classrooms.

And, if you want, designate a zip code that you want your pledge to help. If you do, your funds will only be used in that very zip code.

Together, we can help end this insanity.

How It Works

Every single penny you give funds classroom supplies

1. Give Monthly

Fill out the form above for your monthly pledge. We bill you each month. The more people that sign up for monthly pledges, the more we can give out.

2. Teachers Sign Up

Teachers from all over the country sign up here. We vet them and select a worthy recipient.

3. Funds Are Distributed

We give teachers gift cards for classroom supplies which then they buy on their own.