Frequently Asked Questions

What is Educators Fund?

Educators Fund is a way to help teachers supply their classrooms. Anyone can sign up for a monthly pledge. Every single penny of every single pledge collected goes to teachers in the form of gift cards to help supply their classroom.

Why Does This Exist?

We have come to realize that nearly every teacher in the USA is providing supplies for their classroom our of their own pocket. This is wrong. While we can't change school budgets or tax dollars, we can help by giving gift cards to teachers to reputable retailers to help fund their classrooms.

What is the Minimum Monthly Pledge I Can Sign Up For?

$7.95 a month.

How Much Of My Money Goes To Teachers?

100%. Every penny. If you sign up for a $7.95 monthly pledge then $7.95 will go to gift cards to help teachers supply their classrooms with supplies.

Can I Choose a Specific Teacher Or School?

No you cannot. You can specific a zip code for your monthly pledge to benefit but not exact schools or teachers.

Is Educators Fund a 503(c) Tax Deductible Charity?

No, it is not.

Can I Make Sure My Pledge Helps a Certain Area?

If you sign up for a pledge you can choose to specify a zip code. If you do, then the monthly pledge will only be used to teachers if that zip code.